Galactic Visionary, New Earth Healer, New-Paradigm Leader . . .

Light Warrior

The challenges and changes we're witnessing in the world today?

You know deep down that what you've lived and walked through has prepared you for these uncertain and exciting times.

You know this is your invitation to step into your power and share your wisdom with more people.

And you know it's time to be more vocal and visible with your world-changing work.

Yet when it comes to publicly sharing your opinions, beliefs and perspectives you still hold back from freely expressing them. The leader you've dreamt of becoming is stirring, yet still feels just out of reach because this next level of leadership means moving from peacemaker to provocateur, ruffling feathers and setting firm boundaries.

Being seen in your power this way? It makes your heart race with excitement and your blood run cold with fear. Soon your

  • Worries about making mistakes and being judged
  • Fears of being ridiculed or rejected
  • Anxiety about risking your reputation
  • Overwhelm with increasing requests and expectations

Stand in the way of you freely expressing your Light

So instead of moving forward with courage, clarity and certainty you

  • Look to others to decide and/or do it for you, then feel disappointed when it's not what you envisioned
  • Wait for "perfect" conditions (that never occur) before taking action
  • Turn down your power and truth to avoid conflict
  • Convince yourself that no one will notice if you don't show up
  • Resist reaching more people because you feel like you have nothing more to give
  • Avoid situations that might require you to engage with unfriendly or disrespectful people

And if traumatic experiences catalyzed the creation of your business? Being seen not only feels vulnerable, it may feel downright dangerous.

When you believe visibility is not worth the effort, you tend to remain invisible. But change is possible . . .

You CAN feel safe to be seen up-leveling your power and presence.

Imagine . . .

  • Experiencing the space and authentic support you need in the moment to reflect on what feels true for you
  • Securing a compassionate ally to walk with you through the change and growth that feels vulnerable, challenging and easy for you
  • Trusting your own inner knowing to guide you toward the most aligned strategy and steps
  • Honoring the voice of your heart and speaking your truth even in the face of no agreement
  • Standing in your power without intimidating people
  • Sharing your message, magic and mission with passion and poise
  • Receiving Spirit-led visibility opportunities and invitations out of the blue
  • Being invited to create distinct collaborations and strategic alliances with prominent leaders
  • Working with committed clients who fill your workshops, programs and retreats, then rave to their own community about you
  • Consistently showing up in the lives your audience, communicating with conviction, and changing the world with your sacred mission
  • Be recognized as a leader by BEING the truest expression of yourself

The reason this hasn't happened yet may have more to do with the state of your heart than your motivation or marketing strategy. Because when your heart is closed and wounded, you shut yourself off. You struggle to hear and trust your inner wisdom. You give over your power and you miss key opportunities.

It doesn't have to be this way.

When you open your heart . . .

  • You honor and act on your truth, which magnetizes your audience
  • You make friends with all your feelings, making it easier for you to discern the business strategies that light you up and let go of those that weigh you down
  • You know and value who you are, and the right people instantly see and feel that from you
  • You are willing to speak freely about what matters to you, even when other people may not be willing to talk about it or hear it
  • You release "chase," "fix," and "save" patterns from your business decisions, practices and energetic field as you shift into greater trust, receiving and flow
  • You reconnect with the sacred, all-knowing part of yourself
  • You become a sovereign co-creator with your Higher Self and Source
  • Your message leaves a resounding and lasting impact on your followers, fans, clients, team, partners and colleagues
  • Your calendar fills up with your best prospects and clients, your soul tribe expands, and dream business opportunities appear, seemingly out of thin air

The world is waiting for you to drop your guard and let your fierce and tender heart shine.

You're Invited to the . . .

Bold Heart Visibility VIP Experience

Powerful Breakthroughs and Deep Transformation

  • Compassionate space to hear the voice that matters most; the voice of your heart
  • Coaching on the strategy and aligned actions that magnetize your magic and move your mission forward
  • Potent visibility breakthroughs
  • A personalized plan to feel safe as you expand your reach and exposure

You can let another month go by dreaming about how you want to leave your mark in this new, evolving world . . .

Or you can heal the old story that keeps you hidden and step into who you truly are as a soul NOW.

I'm Gayle Nowak

I believe that the entrepreneurial journey is a healing journey.

When we New Earth way-showers, visionaries and change-makers feel safe and free to trust the voice of our heart, we are dauntless. We make energetically clear decisions that help us personally, as well as collectively, rise into a new reality no matter what unfolds along the way. When we dare to listen to our hearts, we create a loving, free and extraordinary world.

It's my mission to model and facilitate self-healing, soul expression and heart leadership. I love to deliver this transformational magic through private and small group retreats where you feel safe to be seen, access your deeper wisdom, and fortify the trust and conviction you have in yourself and your work.

Together, we meet and love up the light in your shadow and nurture your natural magnetism so you can stabilize your presence in the lives of the people you want to reach.

I’ve honed my marketing and business expertise through more 25 years of experience as a journalist, copywriter, public relations director and transformational coach. I’ve also been developing and deepening my talents as an empath, intuitive and spiritual healer since childhood. It’s the combination of these pragmatic skills and esoteric practices that allow me to

  • Fully embrace you as whole and empowered
  • Support you in healing the connection to your heart and voice
  • Harmonize your whole-hearted intuition (feminine energy) with your clear rational mind (masculine energy)
  • Guide you as you create strategy and content aligned with your goals and soul

While I’ve always been a natural communicator, I’ve also hidden certain aspects of my true self. Because I grew up believing that my truth would hurt me or others, I learned to make myself invisible to feel safe. My journey to heal those wounds has enabled me to:

  • Release and heal the patterns and energy that kept me playing out cycles of over-functioning, self-abandonment and settling for scraps
  • Make peace with my sensitivity and stop moving through life with a guarded heart
  • Speak with conviction and make my needs, truth and work matter
  • Create boundaries around my time, energy and value
  • Find soul family
  • Own my magic and transform my business
  • See, feel and hold a firm space of love for my clients while still viewing them as whole, capable and empowered

Today, I'm a Visibility Sage, certified Sourced™ Retreat Master and speaker on business, self-leadership and transformation. My mission is to model and facilitate self-healing, energy shifts and heart leadership that support New Earth leaders in making your vision and magic more visible. In our private and small group retreats, I guide and support you in openly and freely expressing your soul in a world that teaches us to be fake.

I'm the creator of Sage Sensation™ Retreats and founder of the award-winning marketing agency The Story Stylist. I've appeared in dozens of newspaper, broadcast news sites and podcasts across the country, including features in the Boston Herald and Boston Voyager Magazine. I'm also the creator and host of the online radio show Positive News Now and past contributor to TED-Ed, Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine.

This VIP Experience is for you if . . .

  • You procrastinate and avoid, convincing yourself you don't want what you deeply desire and that no one will know if you don't do the thing that will bring you closer to it
  • The hot visibility opportunity you just secured is triggering you!
  • You are a seasoned business owner who is no longer willing to let fear, insecurity or potential failure stop you from shaping the conversation and shaking up the status quo
  • You feel anxious about fully expressing your true self in your digital, professional and/or personal life
  • You want to amplify your voice in a way that's real, relatable and resonant for the people you're trying to reach
  • You're ready to claim space, let your light shine and be seen in your power
  • You prefer to create in collaboration rather than in isolation
  • You make your time, energy, and mission a priority, not an option
  • You know your wisdom and words are not only important, they are essential to evolving our world
  • Even though you already have support for your spiritual growth and inner work, you're craving deep transformation and specialized support that liberates your magnetic presence
  • You want to open your awareness to new ways of being supported
  • You're working with another coach, healer, teacher or service provider and would like a fresh perspective on the work you're doing and/or the results you're getting with them

This VIP Experience is NOT for you if . . .

  • You've just started your first business
  • You don't feel ready to take full ownership of your feelings and actions
  • You're not willing to do the inner and outer work to make your vision visible
  • You're looking for a shortcut, magic pill or easy fix
  • You'd never question your upbringing or cultural, religious and generational beliefs
  • Your brand is built upon vilifying, stigmatizing or bashing a specific group BECAUSE of their identity
  • You believe mysticism, tarot, astrology, crystals, etc. are evil
  • You're seeking someone to fix, save or rescue you
  • You're not willing to be vulnerable, make mistakes, take risks or step out of your comfort zone
  • You're looking for a group container of support (explore this instead) or done-for-you marketing services (I can refer you to them when that feels aligned in your heart and soul)

Your personalized Bold Heart Visibility VIP Experience includes:

Healing & Energy Clearing Session

Before your VIP day sessions, we will open your experience with a 75-minute Feel + Flow session, during which we tune into the energy of your body to identify, clear or re-purpose the internal fears and old patterns blocking your success or preventing you from taking your business next level.

Bold Heart Visibility VIP Sessions

You have the choice of a custom-crafted day, or a longer program over two months. We look at the energy of what you're embodying BEFORE we do any work in terms of messaging, strategy and execution.

Celebrate & Integrate Session

During the last session of your program, we review your insights and celebrate your progress. You'll receive additional coaching and/or action steps as you integrate your new visibility frequency and implement your plan.

PLUS Audio Coaching Via Voxer or WhatsApp Throughout Your Experience & BONUS Admission to a Sage SensationTM group retreat in 2022 or 2023!

After my Bold Heart Visibility VIP Experience, my calendar filled up over the course of a day with appointments ranging from clients wanting to explore the evolution of their work and colleagues who want to collaborate with me to a podcast host who wants to interview me and potential guests I want to interview for my own podcast. In talking with all these people, I feel inspired all over again and fired up about my vision, using my voice and moving forward with my podcast and other new aspects of my work. Talk about the physical evidence of energy moving!

I didn’t even realize that I was quite emotionally shut down but working with Gayle opened up my heart again. Helping me unlock my heart has gotten the energy moving in all areas in my life. It has helped me move forward with my business and open the floodgates so other aspects of my life can change and shift.

- Veronica Wirth, Founder of EvolvativeTM & the Athena MatrixTM



The reality is . . .

Without support, your internal roadblocks will continue to derail your visibility and your business, keeping what wants to be alive in the dark.

You can choose to be in the exact same place you are a year from now . . .


You can change your approach and breakthrough the feelings of anxiety and isolation. Shine boldly as the powerful lighthouse, change agent and visionary you are destined to be.

Carrying out you soul’s mission, transcending your old patterns and wounds, and running a business takes the infinite strength of your heart.

You do not have to do it alone.

It is my honor to hold you, hear you and see you as you show up powerfully, share your true heart and courageously promote your soul's work. The world is waiting for you.